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The fight here is against a long standing behavior and a damaging toxin called nicotine. I am so delighted I found this site. I quite smoking in Jan. I am at risk of my 3rd mos and still experiencing a lot of these side affects! I've the sore tongue, acid reflux disorder, and hot flashes. At one point I thought. geesh.. I noticed better smoking.. however now after reading this realize that these will all disappear completely. I am considering my symptoms are much longer plus more sever than some as I smoked for 45+ years so my own body has a LOT of detoxing to do! PS nicotine gum helps with the tongue concern!
Many smokers gain weight after they quit, however the average putting on weight is 10 pounds or less. You are able to control weight gain by following a heart-healthy diet program and being bodily active Remember the excellent side-food smells and flavor better if you aren't smoking. Smoking inhalers and nose sprays will be the most fast performing of most nicotine replacement methods. But because they work so quickly they have a higher risk of becoming addictive.
After 25 yrs times 2 packs per day I quit smoking 3 weeks ago. This is my first time and maybe the previous. It seems to be less complicated than I expected. I am not using any medical help 'cause I don't want to operate one bad behavior for a different one :). It could look harder in first couple of weeks but last benefits outweigh this sacrifice.
I dont think therefore i have viewed but cant find anything so I will have to journey it out. This consuming mouth is annoying to say minimal and is making me quite stressed but fingers crossed 1 day i will wake up and it will be gone. I've already seen the physician last week and i am going to see the dentist this week to check on it, maybe he can recommend something before burning pain subsides.
Hot Flashes: I put hot flashes once i quit. I'd have smoked in the bathtub if I may have retained the cigarette lit. Men and women experience hormone changes when they quit nicotine. Bupropion (also known by its brand name Zyban) is a medication usually used to take care of depression but evidence has shown that it can help people to quit smoking.quit smoking resources

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